Thai girl with tight vagina makes an appointment with the kissing doctor


A very pretty Thai girl got wind of our kissing doctor. One of her friends told her that it was a good move and she wanted to have her tight vagina filled. It’s been a while since he has not seen tails pass between his lips, so she tells herself that she could please him with the huge cock of the doctor. She shows him her breasts and immediately he has a nice erection. She then discovers the tail which makes so much happiness to all the women who pass in her cabinet. Timidly, but surely, she approaches her lips to this dick up to block and she has a vagina that gets wet. She warns the doctor of her narrowness, but before she finished speaking, he had his cock buried in her. I urge you to discover this extraordinary video of a tight Thai vagina completely dilated by the huge tail of the kissing doctor.

Date: November 18, 2020

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