A geisha teaches tantric sex to a wealthy couple …


This geisha has a very special thing … Apparently, she can achieve orgasm in 20 seconds lap top. Easy guy whose wife has never experienced orgasm uses the services of the geisha in a basic course. It is time that his wife can finally enjoy the ultimate sensation. At first, tasting herbal tea to euphoric effects on the body is required. This drink will relax and concentrate the heat on the erogenous zones of man and woman. What follows is a gentle massage with trapezoids man to relax the back muscles. This will result in a more fluid and constant movement basin. Then let’s get serious … Blowjob, penetration, anal, double penetration, missionary, cowgirl position, doggy, blowjob … 40 minutes later no one has an orgasm … I do not want my killjoy, but this geisha thing that is rubbish!

Date: November 18, 2020

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